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Tuesday, 14 July 2020 14:26

Member of the Month - July 2020

Meet our new Charity of the Year – Jetty Lane

Written by Cordelia Richman, Jetty Lane

We are honoured to have been chosen as your Charity of the Year.Jetty Lane small

Small businesses, like charities, are facing similar difficulties at the moment because of the many pressures of coronavirus.  But local small businesses and local charities have a lot in common: we have sprung from the community, we exist within the community, we help with the needs of the community. 

JettyLane Image2 smallThis part of Suffolk has developed beyond recognition over the years, but with the increased community there has been less space for community groups to flourish. Woodbridge and surrounding area are attracting more and richer residents, space is at a premium, upping property prices. There simply isn’t the right accommodation at the right price for specialised community groups. But Woodbridge is the hub, where groups and activities need to be.Jetty Lane aims to provide facilities that current generations can use and enjoy and provide a legacy for the future.

As Charity of the Year, being able to attend ISSBA events, with leaflets or information for attendees, will help us enormously. Likewise, the possibility of a free stand at the Anglia Business Exhibition with the opportunity to arrange a raffle to raise funds. The chance to work in partnership with ISSBA members will also help, providing exposure along with advice, support and services. Similarly, Jetty Lane will use their networks, contacts and knowledge to promote and aid ISSBA and its members. A virtuous circle.

Being the ISSBA Charity of the Year will help to raise awareness of Jetty Lane with the general public. This awareness will aid the raising of funds required for the construction work - whether throughMarthaWithSign 20 07 06 legacy giving, high net worth individuals, corporate sponsorship or crowdfunding. 

So far, in a short period of time, we have secured a 125-year lease, planning permission, and charitable status. We are in the final stage: the fund-raising and actual building of Jetty Lane. 

And we do need to raise a lot of money. At least £3.5 million. Neither the sum nor the building is outsize – but it needs to be able to wash its own face.

We are living in difficult times. We all have to think laterally and come up with new ideas if we're to survive and thrive.  We'd like to think that you – ISSBA members - will all become ambassadors for Jetty Lane over this coming year. We have every reason to think the need for Jetty Lane is huge and increasing and we want everyone in Suffolk to know about us by next summer. 

We're asking for 5 or so of your members to step forward and form a partnership with us so that you form a special relationship with us.

We're stronger together! 

To discuss any aspect of involvement, please phone or email our Project Manager Cordelia Richman or telephone on 01394 383128.