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Tuesday, 14 July 2020 12:40

Making Sales Post COVID

Craig Sennett from PC Futures Ltd shares his advice on getting a business back up and running after lockdown

It is important for most ISSBA members and all businesses across the country that we get back to normality asap, whatever that will be.PC Futures May 2020

The need for companies to generate sales, or to change tact to survive is stronger now than ever.  COVID will have affected all of our companies differently, but there is common ground here – the need to get back to generating business.

The problem is when is professionally acceptable to do this, and how do I do it?  Am I okay to send out marketing emails?  To make sales calls?  To ask people to spend money with my business?

The answer to all of the above is an emphatic yes, it’s okay!

The quicker we all get back to business the better.  Better for staff, better for suppliers and better for us as business owners and our sanity as after all, we are all creatures of habit.

As business owners, we each feel the pressure of overheads and something like this can really knock the confidence from even the hardiest of business owners.  However, it’s worth knowing you are not alone, we are all in the same boat and chances are, we’re paddling the same way you are.

So, if you can help someone along the way, another business that you get on with for example then great, it’s time to show some support if you can.  We find that we get it back in the long run anyhow.

The purpose of this article is not to convince any of the membership to call to do business with us.  It’s purely to say to the membership that my business shares the same worries yours does, but it’s about what you do with the time we’ve got now.

There will be slow starters to return to business, some industries who are sadly affected worse than others but if you are back now and you’ve done all the office cleaning and sanitisation you need to, now is the time to pick your staff and yourself up and get back to contacting customers and suppliers.  Chase up old leads and get back to being yourself.

I realise I am starting to stray into councillor territory here and for that, I apologise as it’s really not my thing.  My message is to dust yourself off and get back to what worked for you before-hand.  If that’s not possible for whatever reason use the time you have wisely and think creatively about what changes might beneficial for your business.  Upskill or re-plan things, lean on experts like your accountant for ways you could save some money and really focus on building your profile back up whether that is through your website, social media, networking or more likely, a combination of methods as part of your overall marketing plan.

Most of all, if you can, start talking to people, start selling as the more people you speak to, the luckier you get.

Good luck ISSBA members!

Written by Craig Sennett, PC Futures Ltd


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