Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

ISSBA provides a forum for the mutual support of small businesses in Ipswich and surrounding parts of Suffolk, in the east of England.

It is an informal organisation of business owners and others involved with small businesses, funded by sponsorship, members' subscriptions and organised by a committee.

ISSBA membership is priced according to your company size - how many staff you employ:

  • 1-3 staff - £44.00 plus VAT
  • 4-10 staff - £55.00 plus VAT
  • 11-50 staff - £109.00 plus VAT
  • 51+ staff - £236.00 plus VAT
  • Charities - £44.00 plus VAT
  • Student - £37.00 plus VAT

You can register by visiting this link.

You will receive a notification email informing you that your membership is due for renewal along with the expiry date approximately 6 weeks before your renewal is due.  You will also get a reminder at 3 weeks before your expiry date if you haven’t renewed by that point.  The email contains instructions on how to renew - all you need to do is log into your account on the website.  From there, click on 'Your Invoices' on the 'Your Membership' section on the right hand side, where you will find your invoices displayed and a link to complete renewal.

You have the option to pay by GoCardless, PayPal or debit card which will renew your membership immediately or you can still opt for an offline payment if you prefer to pay by BACS or cheque.  In this case, your membership will be renewed by us manually once our accounts team have confirmed receipt of your payment.  Either way, once your renewal has been processed, you will receive a notification email to let you know that your membership has been renewed.

Our system now raises invoices for any ISSBA events that are not free to attend.  If you are an ISSBA member booking one of these events, please log into your ISSBA account before booking your place.  You will be able to pay online (PayPal or debit card) or offline (BACS or cheque).  Once you have completed your booking, an invoice will show on your account under ‘Your Invoices’.  If you opted for offline payment, it will show as unpaid until receipt of your payment has been confirmed by our accounts team.

If you are registering for a free of charge event that is not a member only event, you will not need to be logged in to book.

You can see a complete history of your event bookings along with whether they have any payments outstanding by selecting ‘My Event Bookings’ from the Events menu.  You will need to be logged in to see this.

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